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Sunday, October 10

I realized I needed to update: starcouture has moved! The new home is at starcouture.tumblr.com!

Do visit! Housewarming gifts not required. :)


Tuesday, August 17

Birthday List! ♥

Okay, I know it's super early but whatever keeps me happy goes. It's completely a wish list though, so while it would be awesome to receive my dear wishes, don't feel compelled.

I've made edits to my birthday list again! Now, it may appear frivolous or a completely daydream so go right to the next post if you please.

This is completely a wish list, so while it would be awesome to receive my dear wishes, don't feel compelled. (:

1. A decent leather cover for my iPod Touch - preferably my kind of colours.

2. I still want a Macbook Pro! In black, pretty please. I'm so jealous Yanny's gotten one. I'll give you the iTouch that comes with it. :P

3. Fitted cropped pants. I'm getting tired of jeans, and would have gladly worn my harem pants to work everyday if I wasn't fearful of appearing 'dirty'.

4. A DVD copy of Evita (1996). I'll adore you if I get my hands on this. I keep listening to the soundtracks on youtube, over and over again.

5. An IKEA bedroom set. I want to upgrade to a queen bed, get a triple-door wardrobe, a dressing table and lots of shelves! (Psst, need a man to build it too heh. Will pay for food and drinks!)

6. Running wedges. Something high enough to be good for the office, yet lets me run. Spindly heels are a no-no.

7. A pretty leather bag that fits A4.

8. A dress in cream! Without lace, mesh or frills, thank you.

9. A casual blazer, in cream or grey.

10. A romper.

11. Maxi dress.

12. Anlene chocolate milk - my noisy bones worries me.

13. Someone to teach me how to get Torrent and use it. Easypeasy for the rest of the world right?

*editable at all times, up til 1 September! This is the FINAL version!

Sorry Yanny, I said I will list 13 fashion items but I can't think no more! So here's a good mix.

Anyway, this list is purely for fun, though definitely good to have. Heh. The best part would be to hang out with everyone! So please all plan something fun... I already am looking forward to Chunkfest and picnicking! (I want to fly a kite!)

And Krado promised to get me a Bombay Sapphire. *hearts*



Monday, August 16


I’ve disappeared for a bit I realized. What with Facebook and Twitter and everything in between, I had completely forgotten I have a blog.

(And truth be told, I’m really itching to move to Tumblr. There is just something so appealing about typing phrases in size 40, bold. I reckon that will look funny here on blogger.)

I’ve been quite crazily dull these days, and absolutely mad as a hatter.

Nearly everyday was and will be spent working – at FreshGrads and giving tuition to the poor kids facing exams next week – and being online. I never knew keeping an online presence is so much work! No wonder geeks and gamers are hardly ever seen in public (I jest).

When it comes to non-working hours, my repressed – heh! – self bounces right back and I grow quite strange. I find myself talking animatedly and far too much with people, unconsciously expressing my disgust (really, tights as pants? I don’t want to see you.) as I hurry way too fast out of habit.

Hmm! I usually have more self-control.

In any case, classes are starting for me and I’m excited by it. Strangely – the darn word again! – I’m told, by enough people to have me questioning my own motives.

I'm going to be taking 3 modules, all of which preplanned with bridging class fellas so I'm going to get some fun from friendly faces. Perhaps, just perhaps, I can finish my modules with them and go for the same graduation party at Swissotel. How's that for motivation!

Food for thought. After all, grades are never really measured by duration spent, are they?


I'm raving about:

Movie: Evita – I so want to watch this! Anyone who has this, oh please please loan me.
Book: King Lear – at the rate I'm going, I'll need to renew the book 174698 times.
Lastly, my beauty buys! Hah, Aileen is changing me. I bought sunscreen for my face; or is it too late?


Monday, July 26

Passion Profit Secrets

So we all have something we are passionate about. It could be your love of books and tomes, or the punk rock that no one else seems to understand like you can. Perhaps it’s your absolute dedication to all things in the fashion and beauty world, or your natural flair and zeal for art.

Yet instead of working on these passions, you continue to toil at jobs you do not enjoy as much – to support yourself and your passion.

If you find yourself in that position, why not consider monetizing your passion?

Instead of working at the photocopier and paper shredder all day, and zipping home to play your guitar to an empty room (and face the wrath of your Mom who’s trying to watch the latest Channel 8 drama) – find a way to make your passion your job.


Well, I’m no expert but Thad Bong sure is! And for the benefits of those wanting to quit that photocopying job and working on your passions, he has planned the Passion Profit Secrets 2010 for you.

For this special event, Thad has invited 10 Top Passionpreneur Experts to share their profit strategies with you. The line up includes:

* Paul Evans, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist
* Deb Ingino, 50 Most Influential Women In Business award winner
* Carrie Wilkerson, President of the Association of Work At Home Women
* Snowden Mcfall, past National Women In Business Advocate of the Year
* Bob Burg, International Best Selling Co-Author of The Go-Giver

Passion Profits Secrets 2010 will be held from 2 – 6 August, and will give you an in-depth coverage of all the success practices of this gathering of the Who’s Who of the Passionpreneur scene.

And if you have not figured it out, Passionpreneur is an entrepreneur who have create a business that monetizes his or her passion.

If you want to monetize your passion, this online event is perfect for you. To obtain a free access pass, visit the Official Event Site and register your details.

Related Links: on FreshGrads!, Thad's website



Friday, July 23

Que sera, sera

When I was just a little girl
I ask my mother, what will I be?
Will I be pretty, will I be rich?
Here's what she said to me.

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be


Wednesday, July 21

Friends are like that

I love that even though we haven't talked forever, when we do, it's like we never stopped.


Tuesday, July 20

I was busy embracing my Chinese roots and watching a great 超級偶像 - that's Taiwan Super Idol to you - on MioTV - and trust me, it's really good! It's more professional and has better singers than our local music competitions on telly - when I heard this song: 我們都寂寞.

Just in case you don't speak Mandarin, that's 'We're all lonely'.

And it really speaks to me, because I feel, the truth is that we're all lonely.

The song paints a bleak picture of getting off work in the city, with people and cabs rushing by, your friends too busy and you unloved. You don't want to go home, and end up meeting someone and getting married. It's an emotionless marriage, and you reflect: it's sad to be unloved, yet being in love is not a big deal. You hate yourself, you don't really know what you want... isn't that lonely?

Here's a clip:

The thing about 超級偶像 is that the contestants are really made to practice really hard and do different genres of music, so that they really get better. My only grouse is that most can't sing English right. But there you go, I still prefer them.

Here's my favourite cutie, mock-cute-dancing to Gee:

Yes, he's Korean. Cute eh!